Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation is established in July 1950 under the Bombay Provincial Corporation Act, 1949, is responsible for the civic infrastructure and administration of the city of Ahmedabad.

”Vibrant, productive, harmonious, sustainable and environmental friendly, clean and livable city having a responsive local government offering its citizens a good quality of life”

As per the section 63 and 66 of the Bombay Provincial Municipal Corporation Act, the AMC is responsible for certain obligatory and discretionary services:

Obligatory Services

  • Erection of boundary of city defining city limits.
  • Watering, Scavenging and Cleansing of all public streets and places Sewage services
  • Drainage services Fire services
  • Health & Medical services
  • Street Lighting services
  • Maintenance of a monuments & open spaces Identification of streets & houses
  • Regulation and abatement of offensive and dangerous trades or practices Maintenance of burial houses and funeral homes
  • Construction or acquisition of public markets and slaughter houses Construction or acquisition of cattle-pounds
  • Primary education services Health and hygiene services
  • Construction, maintenance and alteration of bridges Water supply services
  • Preventing and controlling the spread of dangerous diseases The securing or removal of unsafe buildings and places Construction of conservancy staff quarters
  • Maintenance of relief works in scarcity, floe etc.

Discretionary Services

  • Construction and maintenance of maternity homes & infant welfare houses Maintenance of central laboratories
  • Swimming pool and other public health services Tree plantation on road sides
  • Construction and maintenance of public parks and gardens The holding of exhibition, athletics or games
  • The maintenance of an ambulance services
  • Construction and maintenance of theaters, community halls and museums etc. Building or purchase of staff quarters
  • Construction and maintenance of public transport facilities Construction and maintenance of educational institutes Construction and maintenance of infirmaries and hospitals The destruction of animals and birds causing a nuisance.
  • Construction and maintenance of factory for the disposal of sewage
  • The building or purchase and maintenance of suitable dwellings for the poor and working classes Provision of shelter to homeless persons and poor relief
  • Surveys of buildings or lands
  • Measures to meet any calamity affecting the public in the city any measure to promote public safety, health, convenience or instruction